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  • Who to target with your movie press release

    Whether a certain channel or journalist takes interest in your production depends on things like your budget, genre, subject matter, filming location, cast members, awards or other related things such as a unique production method. Start by defining your strategy. Ask yourself, who would consider your production newsworthy. Based on that, you can choose to focus on the mainstream media, freelance writers, indie film websites, notable bloggers / vloggers or other mavens. Depending on your subject matter, you may even find traction outside the typical channels. For example, with a documentary about mental health – approach mental health organizations.

    Build relationships with people who have extensive (real) online reach.

    Twitter is a good place to start. Find writers who cover similar productions to yours. If it’s a sci-fi, find the sci-fi enthusiasts. Get to know the content producers. Read / watch their material. Share their material on social media (it goes both ways!). Essentially, you should build relationships with people who have extensive (real) online reach. Check out the Twitter lists on the bottom of this page.

    Don’t forget the local newspapers or even your old film school. Anyone who has a personal connection to the filmmakers is much more likely to share their news.